Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Are we bold enough to let go?

We should not confuse the pain that may be experienced as we transform on our Christian journey, with the agony of trying to please God through our efforts.

"Suffering to please God" is like banging your head against a wall repeatedly and wondering why it hurts - it's not an honorable pain, it's a foolish pain that can end...just stop banging your head!

Having said this, so many "christian sects" and religious vomit have latched onto the "light yoke" offered to us by Jesus Himself, and weighed it down, sadly. The repercussions is a degree of pain that might be felt during a good old gospel purge - freedom to flush out the vile.

Purging and refining is not purposed to hurt, but the pain of letting go of "doing something", and simply entering into a promise is what many battle with - many have deeply rooted pillars keeping them "stable", but sadly it's in the wrong foundation (legalism and the traditions of man), giving them a false sense of hope.

I like how someone once put it:

"Pain" is the friction between the lies that we have embraced - that have become our prison - and the truth that is revealed to us in Jesus, by the Holy Spirit.

The gospel is a declaration of freedom!

Are we bold enough to let go? :-)

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