Sunday, February 17, 2013

Manifesting Reality

An excerpt from an article by John Crowder (be warned, the revelation you may receive could be uncomfortably freeing LOL). Be blessed:

"Robert Capon tells the following parable of faith. A man is in a hospital bed in traction, his arms and legs motionless in casts. Meanwhile, he hears that his house is falling apart. As he lay in the hospital, he is helpless to do anything about it. Later, his friend comes along and tells him, “I have just paid off the contractor I engaged to repair your house. It’s all fixed – a gift from me to you.” The man’s friend has repaired his house. All the man can do is either believe or disbelieve his friend’s good news. He can trust that his friend’s word is true. But his belief does not “change” the truth. The facts are the facts. All his faith accomplishes is the enjoyment of the facts. Capon writes:

“Look at it another way. Suppose I had decided, while staring at the hospital ceiling, that if only I could work up enough faith, you would undertake to repair my house. And suppose further that I had grunted and groaned through every waking hour trying to get my faith meter up to red hot. What good would that have done unless you had decided, as a gift to me in response to no activity on my part whatsoever, to do the job for me? No good, that’s what. Faith doesn’t fix houses – carpenters and painters do. And faith doesn’t pay bills, either. Faith, therefore, is not a gadget by which I can work wonders. It is just trust in a person who actually can work them – and who has promised me he already has” (The Astonished Heart, p. 41).

Christ the miracle worker has already done it all. It’s only an issue of therevealing of what He’s done so we can wake up to reality. Right now, the earth is groaning for the revealing of the sons of God. For us to manifest an already existing reality. I am convinced as ever before that we are about to see a major outpouring of the supernatural like never before. But it will not come from groaning and pushing and trying to “make ourselves” manifest the kingdom. It is coming through a revelation of our identity – that we have already arrived. Our arrival is not a future point (when the manifestation occurs). Our arrival has happened – it is Him. You are a source of endless possibilities. Your identity is in Him, and your actions are an outflow of that. The problem has been our attempt at creating identity by carrying the responsibility for evangelism, miracles, kingdom advancement, etc. on our own. Those things will happen. But it’s about being over doing. And doing out of being. But never doing to become. It all starts with realizing our identity.

You are not going to pump up the faith to shine forth your sonship in the realm of unusual miracles – no more than you pumped up your own salvation. You see, the gospel was never about your faith – it was always about the faithfulness of Jesus Christ."

Much love, grace and revelation to you :-)