Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grace operates, it doesn't just inform!

The good that we so desperately want to see come out of our lives (and others), is only going to surface out of fellowship with Jesus (well, there are other ways, but those are the filthy rags).

Jesus was in constant fellowship with the Father - that's how He lived - and the more we are mindful of Him, the less we become mindful of everything that is not Him (thus the ability to not sin for long periods of time).

It's not about us trying to stop sinning - even though the decision to not sin is a conscious one at times - it's an effortless one when in fellowship with Jesus. That's why Jesus COULD sin but NEVER did - not because He was trying not to sin, but because He was in constant fellowship with God/mindful of Him (His pure life on earth never came from Him being mindful of the Law, but out of relationship/intimacy with the Father).

When we make every effort to enter HIS rest (which isn't a rest that means we "park off", it's a rest that means we constantly remember that HE is "parking off" - i.e renewing our minds about a work complete - His goodness) - then fruitfulness becomes effortless in a sense.

And this is how Grace works – the constant reminder of the cross (and all within it) has effect in our lives...anything else is fabrication...self propelled...a “FORM of godliness”...

Grace to you!

Monday, July 12, 2010

There is a field white unto harvest...but "what's" your motivation?

Here is a quote from an article by a man who has performed works in Christ...more than many would dream of:

"There is a consciousness, that seems to me by the Word of God and by my own personal experience, that must be possessed where any individual can enter into the direct presence of God and receive the baptism of the Spirit. That is the consciousness of sinlessness. The consciousness that your sins are gone...I tell you, beloved, that the external evidences of God and the power of His Spirit, no matter how wonderful, are a small matter compared with the consciousness of the Word of God in the human heart; in your heart and mine, bless God..." (John G Lake)

When we consider the parable of the prodigal son, we must understand that it's not passive or lisencious to feast at His table (lisencious would be the younger son running off and living wrecklessly like he did, yet, funny enough, even in that place, he was still his father's son...).

John G Lake understood the Grace of God, and who he was because of Jesus's sacrifice, and that's what bore fruit in his life!

Grace to you all :-)