Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rest in HIM

Some people study their problem more than they study their promise - Mark Hankins.

We all, at times, fall into the trap of trying to deal with a problem in our own strength, empowered by the knowledge that there is a problem, and not empowered by the Holy Spirit who leads us INTO A BETTER WAY (our promise).
We don't overcome the flesh by simply deciding to overcome the flesh.

Many "preach" behaviour modification. And while bad behaviour is indeed bad behaviour (there's no denying that), an attempt to cut off the fruit, doesn't kill the root.

When a person is habitualy steeling (for example) his REAL problem isn't steeling (that's merely the manifestation of his problem. And as much as this may carry effects and consequences, my focus here is not the social impact of the problem, but restoration within the individual), his real problem is the OBJECT OF HIS FAITH.
If the battle is in the mind, then surely it's ultimately in THAT arena where victory or defeat is given birth.

For such a person to overcome the lust of his the flesh (i.e steeling instead of trusting - and of course assuming that he wants to overcome it), "those who are spiritual" (as Paul would say) should gently lead him to repentance (i.e change of mind), so that his focus is not empowered by his habit and "need" to steel, but on the spiritual realities of himself in Christ (the gospel).

You don't hold up a packet of salty chips to a person thirsty from eating many packets before hand, and tell him to stop if he wants relief. You give him water, where his focus isn't on the problem at all anymore, but now on the goodness of the quench...taste, and see!

Coming to a place of freedom in a certain area is sometimes a journey. We are 'taught by grace' - remaining mindful of the finished works of Jesus Christ - where we become familiar with the GOOD nature of God, and the fulfilled promises that are in Christ. Ripe for the picking as we begin to trust and walk in the Spirit.

That temptation to "better oneself", is as much a lust of the flesh as pornography is (it's just that pornography is morally frowned upon, whereas "christian DIY" SEEMS less destructive).

There is a BETTER way. And it's not the moral code...it's the Supernatural promise, by a Supernatural Father, calling us into a Supernatural relationship.