Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If love is a "doing word", and "God is Love"...

...it would be selfish and prideful NOT to live a life positioned in the experience and desire, and regular consciousness of HIM lavishing HIS love (i.e ACTING it out) towards US (since WE are the objects of HIS love)!

Sure, the cross is the u...ltimate demonstration of His love for us, but like everything provided in the cross, receiving the fullness of it by faith alone should be an ecstatically exciting lifelong journey - Calvary didn't just leave us with a "party-pack" of goodness, it actually opened the door and provided free access into the engine-room of creation and life itself - ALL OF HIM IS MADE AVAILABLE!

Increasing in His Glory is impossible, if all we hearing is God saying "Go", and we shut ourselves off to His constant whisper of "Come".

When God said He resists the proud, I don't believe He was referring to those who refuse to take instruction (legalists thrive on instruction), but rather, He was referring to those who do not know how to receive unconditionally (all the while aware that there is no expectation apart from believing and trusting).

Understanding His grace towards mankind and His love for us, will help us let go of a dictator-mindset of God, and position us to increasingly consume the limitless goodness of all He is and has, whilst fully knowing we ourselves have earned none of it (yet being at peace with that truth) - this is true humility!