Wednesday, October 19, 2011

He is on YOUR boat!

Have you ever ACTUALLY wondered how the "story" would have gone, if the disciples chose to remain at REST in the boat during the storm?
Exactly how far would the chaos have gone? Yet Jesus was adamant they should have simply trusted and "chilled".

I mean, how can simply trusting that Jesus is with you actually get you through a practical, literal, physical problem or period in life? Hahaha, SHABBA!!

I'll tell you!
As un-nerving as circumstances may be... as lengthy and as ruthless a "rough patch" might seem (sometimes you may even start seeing cracks forming, and water rushing onto your boat after you've said and done all things "holy") hahaha, there is still space to rest.

I encourage you, emmerse yourself into the pure Glory of HIS FAITHFULNESS.

Life isn't always fun, but it is possible to TRULY REJOICE during ANY circumstance (and that's no contradiction).

The secret lies in the nature of your trust:

If you are hoping and trusting for Christ to "break in at any moment now", your waiting will be filled with anxiouty, frustration and energy-sapping anticipation, until something good happens. And then the cycle starts over again.

But, if your trust in Christ is in the fact that He has ALREADY "broken in", and is currently "SLEEPING ON YOUR BOAT" right now (WITH YOU), you'll begin to see an increase in your ferver for living, and begin to "rejoice in all things"...even during those "cruddy" times in life!

Have a JOYFUL day :-)

Monday, October 10, 2011


An excerpt from writings of "Isaac the Syrian" (died AD 700'ish):

"...Love inebriates the souls of the sons and daughters of heaven by its delectability.

When we find love, we partake of heavenly bread and are made strong without labor and toil. The heavenly bread is Christ, who came down from heaven and gave life to the world...The person who has found love eats and drinks Christ every day and every hour.

...Love is the wine “which maketh glad the heart.” Blessed is the one who partakes of this wine!
...Licentious people have drunk this wine and become chaste;
sinners have drunk it and have forgotten the pathways of stumbling;
drunkards have drunk this wine and become fasters;
the rich have drunk it and desired poverty;
the poor have drunk it and been enriched with hope;
the sick have drunk it and become strong;
the unlearned have taken it and become wise..."

Many who thirst for a greater revelation of God's love have been labelled "selfish" or "passive christians".
I label them as WISE!

Have a glorious day guys :-)